Omega-3-Force 90Softgels

Omega-3-Force w/Lemon 90 Softgels


Product Description

Medical and nutritional researchers from around the world continue to discover the seemingly endless health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils. Naturally, knowledgeable physicians recommend daily intake of these omega 3 fatty acids to make and keep their patients healthier. Manufactured to strict GMP standards, Extra Strength OMEGA-3-FORCE’ contains a pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled Super Fish Oil Blend (anchovy, sardine, cod & tuna) and is tested to ensure purity (tested for heavy metals and dioxins). It contains the highest amount of equal ratio EPA and DHA on the market.

▪ Encourages good cardiovascular health
▪ Feeds the brain
▪ Promotes mental health
▪ Supports and modulates immune responses
▪ Improves learning and behavioral disabilities
▪ Controls and prevents inflammatory diseases
▪ Protects post-menopausal women


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